Identify gaps in math knowledge
Develop a curriculum to fill gaps
Explain the way student understands
One to one student instructor interaction

For any students needing one to one explanation to acquire better comprehension of material.  
Unlimited access to the tutor. This means that time and cost do not become a factor in efforts to grasp concepts or to review past material to understand the current assignments.
Homework help and test preparation
(Equal to around $20/hr)

For short-term as-needed tutoring.

Other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Meet at Home or Office in Hemet.
Meet online for tutoring sessions as well.

Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education from Western Illinois University and a Master of Education Technology from Azusa Pacific University. He also has done extensive studies in Language Acquisition, Religious Education, Mathematics, and Electronics. Michael is a credentialed Mathematics Teacher and has taught Math at the middle and high school levels for the past eight years. As well, he has experience teaching Industrial and Construction Technology in public schools and life skills as a missionary. He has also worked in the electronics field and proudly served in the United States Navy.