About Ginze Tutoring ...

Ginze Tutoring was the result of the efforts of Michael Ginze who serves the cities of Hemet, San Jacinto, Beaumont, Banning, Moreno Valley, Perris, Menifee, and Nuevo.

Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education from Western Illinois University and a Master of Education Technology from Azusa Pacific University. He also has done extensive studies in Language Acquisition, Religious Education, Mathematics, and Electronics. Michael is a credentialed Mathematics Teacher and has taught Math at the middle and high school levels for the past eight years. As well, he has experience teaching Industrial and Construction Technology in public schools and life skills as a missionary. He has also worked in the electronics field and proudly served in the United States Navy.
In 2002, Michael came to the San Jacinto Valley when he was hired as a Technology Teacher for Mountain Shadows Middle School, in Nuevo. In 2003, he moved his family to San Jacinto. When schools were closing Technology Labs, he pursued acquiring a Mathematics Teaching Credential. He has subsequently at Santa Fe Middle School, in Hemet, as a Math Lab Teacher, Sorrano High Shool, in Phelan as an Algebra Teacher, and at San Jacinto Valley Academy, as a Pre Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 Teacher.

Having worked with excellent teachers in the area, he has seen first-hand the need for quality mathematics tutoring and supplementary math education. He has encountered many talentedÂ
students struggling with math and has observed that students entering his class lacked some of the number sense, skills, and background needed to be successful in Algebra and higher Math. He concluded that part of the reason for this situation is that math requires a different kind of thought process.

Also, Learning math uses different skill sets. Students were being asked to remember facts in Social Studies classes, Language Arts classes and many of the Science classes. When students entered a Math class, they were being asked not only to remember but also apply concepts to situations growing more complex by the day.

He also feels that, for some students, the lack of one to one methods of instruction creates issues that cause so many children difficulties in math. As the director, he looks forward to helping all students succeed.

Credentialed Math Teacher


Identify gaps in math knowledge
Develop a curriculum to fill gaps
Explain the way student understands
One to one student instructor interaction


For any students needing one to one explanation to acquire better comprehension of material.
Unlimited access to the tutor. This means that time and cost do not become a factor in efforts to grasp concepts or to review past material to understand the current assignments.
Homework help and test preparation
(Equal to around $20/hr)

For short-term as-needed tutoring.

Other arrangements can be made if necessary.


Meet at Home Office in Hemet.
Meet online in a video-conferencing, in smartboard environment

Ginze Tutoring

Ginze Tutoring was founded by Michael Ginze who has done extensive studies in multiple subjects, one of them being mathematics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education, has his Mathematics Teaching Credential and has taught math for over eight years to middle and high school students. He has spent time teaching courses from Pre Algebra to Algebra 2 to Geometry and then some!

Noticing the Need for Math Tutors in Hemet

After working with some of the best teachers in the area, he began to notice that some very talented students were struggling with math and could enhance their skills with a tutor. He started tutoring because he wanted to see these kids succeed and not get discouraged because they were not grasping the concepts the same way they did in other courses. Plus, he noticed that students just weren’t getting one-on-one attention that they needed to make the most of their schooling.

Learning Math Is Unique

Math is unique from other subjects in that you must both learn and apply the information to succeed. In other subjects, it can often be a matter of memorization, but math and physics will be different and can cause a seperate set of struggle for students. Michael understands this and works as a math tutor to identify their particular difficulties and work to demystify the issues that can stump students and cause them to lose confidence. He cares about the community and doesn’t want to see a single student miss out on future opportunities because they don’t think they are as intelligent as they truly are.

Convenient and Affordable Tutoring in Hemet

Some students will just need an SAT tutor, while others will need year round help. Whatever your needs, Hemet tutors are here to help and we get back with you promptly when you call. We know that when you’re looking for tutoring centers near me that you’ve recognized a problem and are ready to give your child all of the tools they need for success. We can help students as young as Kindergarten, but we also have the skills for high school tutor sessions. We can come to your home or provide one-on-one tutorial utilizing online video conferencing. Don’t put off getting your child a math or physics tutor any longer. We’re here to help your child gain the confidence they need to pass exams and stay focused in class without being discouraged.